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Cdr Shepler - US Navy Battle Artist - Drawing

Linked from this page are a collection of documents regarding the USS Champlin, the page includes scans of the official ships deck log, as well as Official United States Naval documents regarding World War II action involving the USS Champlin.

It is our intention to continue to gather as many documents regarding the USS Champlin as possible, and continue to publish them here for historical preservation.

If you are in possession of any document regarding the USS Champlin, please contact us at photos@usschamplin.com for assistance with getting your documents published here.

All documents will open in new window with Adobe Reader.

**Please note that most of the files are quite large and may require
some time to download - depending on your internet connection

U-130 Crew List
(click to download)

U-130 Operations
(click to download)

U-856 Action
Battle Action Report
(click to download)

U-856 Action
Survivor Interrogations
(click to download)

U-856 Action
Chronological Log
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U-856 Action
U-856 Crew List
(click to download)

Cmd Shaffer
Champlin Medical Record
(click to download)

Cmd Shaffer
Burial Service
(click to download)

Cmd Shaffer
Death Investigation Summary
(click to download)

20mm Anti-Aircraft Gun
Bureau of Ordnance Alert
(click to download)

U-856 Action
German Perspective
(click to download)

US Navy Protocol
Ship's Log Recording
(click to download)

USS Champlin DD-601 --- Ship's Decklog

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