The Seaweed

USS Champlin DD-601  

Spring 2000 - Page 6


Many thanks to Richard I. Berman, Norman R. Glass, Irwin "Pete" Kappes, Marjory Shine, George H. Styles, Francis "Bud" Wahle and Fred H. Weber for their contributions to this issue of the Seaweed. I would like to continue to receive more of your personal recollections of life on the USS Champlin to be included in future issues. I know Dick Berman has more items from his diary - so encourage him to send them along. We may even find out more about his poker playing results. So keep those stories coming; the Seaweed is your newsletter - a place to record your memories. If we don't write the history of the USS Champlin, someone else will. Someone who wasn't there. Thanks also to Larry Suter for his special assistance for the last Seaweed. And thanks to Jack Brawdy, June and Carl Olson for their continuing assistance to me and to the Champlin Reunion Group.

Coming up in the next issue will be another essay by Jack Brawdy, additional suggestions for the simulation of Navy shipboard life and items from the recently received official log of the USS Champlin. Particular thanks go to all of you who made contributions for the purchase of a copy of the Ship's Log.

Well, that's it for this time. Keep those stories coming. Remember: Freedom isn't free. We did our part to help pay for it. We were Destroyermen.

"Cans are like pretty girls; sailors never tire of looking at them" Don Ballard, USS Champlin web site.

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