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Spring 2000 - Page 5

Reunion Group News

The 2000 Reunion

The next reunion of the Champlin Reunion Group is scheduled for October 11th - 15th at the Sandcastle Resort Hotel, 14th St. and Oceanfront, Virginia Beach, VA, 23451. Phone: 1-800-233-013

On the internet:

Francis "Bud" Wahle and Marjory Shine are serving as Reunion Coordinators. They can be reached at 16 Astor Place, Valley Stream, NY, 11581, (516 )825-0513 .Marjory writes they have booked 40 oceanfront view rooms at the rate of $58.00/day plus tax for room and breakfast, double occupancy. The Annual Meeting of the membership will be on Saturday Morning, October 14th and the Annual Dinner will be the same evening. The Hospitality Room overlooks the ocean. There will be a special memorial service for our deceased shipmates led by Rear Admiral Robert Baughan, former Executive Officer of the USS Champlin. Bud Wahle will be mailing a brochure to all members on or about June 1st. He will follow up with a sign-up sheet for the special activities sometime later. I would recommend that room reservations be made as soon as possible by using the phone number or address above. Be sure to refer to the USS Champlin Reunion Group to assure the favorable room rates.

USS Champlin Ship's Store

Wonder where you can get a USS Champlin hat, sweatshirt, T-shirt, jacket or whatever? Here's where and how much.

Baseball cap, specify either navy blue with white lettering or white with navy blue lettering, "USS Champlin DD-601", $10.00 including shipping. Also, 3" diameter cloth emblems (patches) navy blue and gold (can be sewn on ties, jackets, caps, etc.), $3.00 including shipping. In stock. Order from Carl H. Olson, 4520 18th Avenue, Rock Island, IL 61201.

White sweatshirts, T-shirts and light-weight jackets with a large action picture of the USS Champlin DD-601 at sea imprinted in navy blue. Sweatshirts - $15.00; T-shirts - $7.50 and jackets - $19.00 all including shipping. In stock. Order from Robert E. McAfee, 817 Winters Street, West Palm Beach, FL 33405-4545.

National WWII Memorial

Adolph Prager proposes a cooperative effort of the USS Champlin Reunion Group membership in support of the National World War II Memorial. He says, "Donations are being collected to build a World War II Memorial to be located in Washington DC between the Lincoln memorial and Washington Monument. This memorial will be dedicated to all who served during WWII. It will honor all military veterans, civilians on the home front, the nation and the high moral purpose of saving the world for democracy.

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"It is respectfully suggested that a motion be voted on at the next annual meeting as follows:

"Resolved, that a fund be established to accept contributions from member of the Champlin Reunion Group. Contributions to the fund should be limited to no more than $20 per member. The donations will be given to the memorial fund in the name of "USS Champlin DD-601."

Adolph also notes that members may donate directly to the memorial, in addition to their contribution through the USS Champlin fund.

Champlin References

Here's what others say about the USS Champlin:


Hitler's U-boat War, The Hunted 1942-1945, Clay Blair, Random House, pg. 56.

The Two Ocean War, Adm. Samuel E. Morison, Little, Brown & Co., pg. 362.


Sea Classics, Challenge Publications, Vol. 32 #9, March 1999, "Red Anzio" by Irwin J. Kappes

(USS Champlin DD-601)
(Tin Can Sailors Web Site)

Shipmates Located

Eugene E. Mitchell, PO Box 1006, Calais, ME, 04619, (506) 755-2206

Ernest E. Phillips, 1100 Seagate Avenue, Neptune Beach, FL 32266-3579 (904) 246-2054. E-mail address is

Victor B. Wright, 2739 Martha Drive, Charleston, SC 29405, (843) 747-4341

Editorial Correction

Finally, I fouled up on the length of the Benson class destroyers. They were 347' 10" overall, 341' length between perpendiculars. Sorry 'bout that. Thanks FHW,

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