The Seaweed

USS Champlin DD-601  

Fall 2000

Champlin References

Here's what others say about the USS Champlin:


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(USS Champlin DD-601)
(Tin Can Sailors Web Site)

Champlin Ship's Stores

Wonder where you can get a USS Champlin hat, sweatshirt, T-shirt, jacket or whatever? Here's where and how much:

Baseball style cap, specify either navy blue with white lettering or white with navy blue lettering, "USS Champlin DD-601": $10.00 including shipping. Also, 3" diameter cloth emblems (patches), navy blue and gold; (can be sewn on ties, jackets, caps, etc.): $3.00 including shipping. In stock. Order from Norman prewitt, 2049 East Ridge Drive, Excelsio Springs, MO 64024-2869, (816) 630-7272

Sweatshirts, T-shirts and light-weight jacket with a large action picture of the USS Champlin DD-601 at sea imprinted in navy blue. Sweatshirts: $15.00; T-shirts - $7.50 and Jackets - $19.00. In stock. Order from Robert E. McAfee, 817 Winters Street, West Palm Beach, FL 33405-4545.

Recap of Reunion 2000

- No dues to be paid by widows of Reunion Group members. Widows will have full membership privileges.

- Carl Olson (June) resigns as Secretary/Treasurer, replaced by Norman Prewitt effective at their mutual convenience.

(continued top of next column)

- Colorado Springs, CO selected for Reunion 2001.

- Bylaw changes approved.

- Those attending included: Allen, Bob & Elsie; Anastasion, Steve & Charlotte; Baughan, Bob & Eleanor; Black, Joe & Helen Miller; Brawdy, Jack & Ruth; Carpenter, Max and Wynelle; Connors, Charles & Wanda; Cowen, Jack & Vergie; Dolsen, Warren & Doris; Estes, Jerry & June; Ecklund, Glenn & Lillian Patterson; Gilbert, Lou; Glass, Norm & Barbara; Gustin, Bill & Bev; Higgins, Don & Doris; Kappes, Pete & Irene; Krajcik, Steve & Ruth; Koster, Frank & Julie; Knowlton, Arch & Leni; Lerner, Nat & Sylvia; Lindauer, Mel & Pat; Maitre, Robert & Pat; McAfee, Robert; Medvedeff, Hal & Becky, Morton, Tom & Honey, Newman, Ivan & Gladys; Olson, Carl & June; Prewitt, Norman & Phyllis; Robertson, Jim & Lena; Styles, George & Gal; Staller, Lefty & Ruth; Staller, Walt & Dorothy; Suter, Larry & Margaret; Tricarico, Joe & Marie, Vecchione, Joe & Helen, Wahle, Bud & Marge and Wright, Victor. Estes, Kappes, Krajcik and Wright attended for the first time.

In a letter from Bud Wahle and Marge, they write, "Marge and I want to thank each and every one of you for coming to Virginia Beach and helping make such a successful reunion by participating in all the activities. Without your attendance there would be no reunion and our memories of service would soon fade away and great friendships would be lost. A special thanks goes to Bob and Grace Sherrer of Virginia Beach who did a lot of foot work and helped coordinate and participated in a mostmemorable reunion".

Their letter also included the following: "Friday's bus tour gave us a close-up view of the Tom Cats and Hornet at the Oceana Naval Air Station, again escorted and narrated by base personnel. The very recent terrorist bombing of the USS Cole made these tours more meaningful as the bases were on semi-alert. We all felt the urgency of the situation and pride in our resources. The day's activity ended with a visit to the MacArthur Memorial where we had a most impressive memorial service, complete with color guard, led by our own Rear Admiral (ret.) Robert Baughan. There was a short history of the Champlin by George Styles, rememberances of the deceased and laying of the wreath by Larry Suter and Lou Gilbert, prayers and playing of Taps. It was a fitting ceremony to honor not only our own deceased shipmates of the Champlin, but all those who have so unselfishly served their country, especially those on the USS Cole.

Bud and Marge did a great job. Reunion 2000 will go down as one of the best.

Keep sending us those changes in addresses, e-mail and telephone numbers so we can all keep our rosters up-to-date. Also, keep sending us any stories you have of your experiences while on the USS Champlin.

Remember to mark your calendar to show the next reunion in Colorado Springs, CO on September 12-16, 2001. Larry Suter will lead this reunion assisted by Honey Morton. See you there.

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