The Seaweed

USS Champlin DD-601  

Summer 2000 - Page 5

Champlin References

Here's what others say about the USS Champlin:


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(USS Champlin DD-601)
(Tin Can Sailors Web Site)

Champlin Ship's Stores

Wonder where you can get a USS Champlin hat, sweatshirt, T-shirt, jacket or whatever? Here's where and how much:

Baseball style cap, specify either navy blue with white lettering or white with navy blue lettering, "USS Champlin DD-601": $10.00 including shipping. Also, 3" diameter cloth emblems (patches), navy blue and gold; (can be sewn on ties, jackets, caps, etc.): $3.00 including shipping. In stock. Order from Carl H. Olson, 4520 18th Avenue, Rock Island, IL 61201.

Sweatshirts, T-shirts and light-weight jacket with a large action picture of the USS Champlin DD-601 at sea imprinted in navy blue. Sweatshirts: $15.00; T-shirts - $7.50 and Jackets - $19.00. In stock. Order from Robert E. McAfee, 817 Winters Street, West Palm Beach, FL 33405-4545.

Changing Berths:

The following changes should be made to the Reunion Group roster:

Anastasion, Steven: E-mail address changed to

Autry, Ruth: Route 3, Box 706, Westville, OK (same zip code and telephone number).

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(Changing Berths...continued)

Brady, Robert: 157 West Newhaven Place, Richland, WA 99352-7636 (509) 627-1292.

Brawdy, John: 6418 Helen Street, South Park, PA (Same zip code and phone number)

Cerra, Arthur: Change street number to 13042

Craig, James: E-mail address is

Dinklocker, Ray: E-mail address changed to

DiSanto, Caesar: Area code now (631)

Doty, George: 13637 Meadowbrook Drive, Oregon City, OR 97045 (Same phone number)

Gamber, Blair: Area code now (856)

Gilbert, Lou: area code now (631). E-mail:

Krajcik, Stephen: 16 Colony Road, Milford, CT 06460-2246 (203) 877-9205

Landers, Curby L. Wife's name Dorothy. Change address to 432 Water Oak Lane, Mandeville, LA 70471 (504) 845-8853

Malan, Harold: e-mail:

Ranta, Taisto: E-mail:

Robertson, James: E-mail address is now

Styles, George: e-mail:

Weber, Fred: Area code now (631)

Shipmates Located

Johnson, Ted L., S1c (F1c), 8711 Garrison Court, Arvada, CO 80005-1268 (303 940-0935. E-mail address:

Wiebelt, John Albert, S1c 15 Buena Vis, Mercedes, TX 78570 (956) 565-4630 E-mail address:

Keep sending us those changes to addresses, e-mail, and telephone numbers so we can keep all of our rosters up-to-date.

Also, keep sending us any stories you have of your experiences while attached to the USS Champlin. If there are any more diaries out there, send 'em to us. Look through your "treasures" from your Navy days for anything you think would be of interest to your shipmates. We would especially appreciate any photos you may have - we can use them on our web site.

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