The Seaweed

USS Champlin DD-601  

Spring 2001

Champlin Memories (continued)

convince him that it would be best to get rid of us. When the Champlin came in, they were glad to trade three seamen second for three petty officers. The transfer took place overnight and in the morning we were on our way to Boston. For the first and only time in my Navy career, I got seasick and it lasted all the way to Boston. I have always thought the torpedo juice we drank the night before leaving may have had something to do with my sickness. I have always been proud of my service aboard the destroyer Champlin and feel that I made my best contribution to the war effort while serving on her. Furthermore, to paraphrase Patton, I don't have to tell my grandkids I spent the war delivering oil in Argentia, Newfoundland.

Well Done Navy

The Seaweed issues a Well Done to: Richard Bensing, ENS; Steven Blocher, AE3c; Bradford Borland, CT; David Cecka, AT2c; Johm Comerford, LTJG; Shawn Coursen, CT1c; Jeremy Crandall, CTR1c; Josef Edmunds, CTI11c; Brandon Funk, CTI2c; Scott Guidry, AT2c; Jason Hanser, CT2c; Patrick Honeck LT; Regina Kauffman, LTJG; Nicholas Mellos, CAD; Ramon Mercado, AT2c; Shane Osborne, LT; Richard Payne, LTJG; Mitchell Pray Sgt.; Kenneth Richter, CT2c; Marcia Sonon, LT; Curtis Towne, SrA; Jeffery Vignery, LTJG; Wendy Westbrook, AD2c and Rodney Young, CT3c. Who the hell are they, you ask? Remember their names, for they too sailed into danger. Well, maybe not sailed, but flew. This is the crew of the Navy EP-3E Reconnaissance plane who recently became the involuntary guests of the Chinese government. Thanks to Gerald Cruthers, Gary Gustin, Ted Johnson and Richard Roseman for their help in identifying the crew.

Thanks and Next

Thanks to all who submitted stories for this issue: Steve Anastasion, Robert Baughan, Joseph Black, Glenn Ecklund, Jack Evans, Bill Gauldin, Donald Higgins, Archa Knowlton, Louis Gilbert, Carl Olson, George Styles and Dick Valentine. Your help and cooperation is really appreciated, and goes a long way to make my job easier. And, as always, a special thanks to Jack Brawdy for his follow-up and follow-through in encouraging authorship. Thanks Jack.

Now, . .(relieved sigh), we have a good start on the next issue of The Seaweed. Correspondence already received from Steve Anastasion, Gerald Cruthers, Frederick Dunsmoor, Gerald Estes, Norm Prewitt, George Styles, and Dick Valentine will be featured. However, you can all help by:

Responding to the requests for information about Manziano, Mathies and Oeldemann - see page 1, column 1. Send your responses to me for forwarding.

Lou Gilbert's memories, page 4, refers to "Fitz (Fitzhugh), George Styles and Bosun Powell, with ropes tied to them, trying to haul in survivors in a rough ocean". What do you recall about this incident or incidents? What were the circumstances? About when did this happen?

Send me your stories, your recollections, and your questions.

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