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Norman Sherwood Prewitt

Date of Birth:                   January 6, 1928
Place of Birth:                 

Service Number:               343 42 49
Rank/Rating:                    S2c (MM2c)

Date of enlistment:           01/29/1945
Place of enlistment:          Kansas City, MO

Date on USS Champlin:      06/22/1945
Date off USS Champlin:      11/21/1945

Date Discharged:              01/06/1949

Date of Death:                 

Phyllis Janet Bjellaness - married - May 18, 1963

Craig Sherwood Prewitt - died age 12 - Cancer
Vickie Lynn Prewitt-Berg - died age 40 - Diabetes related

Christy Lynn Berg
Camilla Jan Fisher

Great Grandchildren:
Melissa Ashley Berg
Chrystopher Don Fisher

High School:
North East High School - 1945

Interests and Hobbies:
Flying - owned Cessna 182
Scuba Diving
Travel - US and Overseas

Post World War II Life Experience:

Tranferred off Champlin January 1946 - served 3 years on Light Cruiser Dayton CL105. Discharged 1949.

Took temporary job at a trucking company - while applications at Ford, Standard Oil, Armco Steel were pending. Retired from that trucking Company in 1989 after nearly 41 years.

Contacted polio in 1959 (told I would never walk again). Spent next ten years in and out of hospitals. Learned to fly, bought a Cessna 182, flew coast to coast, border to border.

My most lasting experiences on the Champlin - Riding out the typhoon and going ashore at Hiroshima. I was 17 years old and scared witless most of the time.

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